Meet Viv: the AI that wants to read your mind and run your life

Meet Viv: the AI that wants to read your mind and run your life 2

The CEO and co-founder of Viv, Kittlaus is an AI startup which started three years ago when $30m financed it.

This support, including finance from Iconiq Capital assisted the startup in managing the wealth of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg.

The office building of the company is based in downtown, San Jose where it works on ‘global brain’, as Kittlaus like to refer it.

This is a fresh sort of voice controlled virtual personal assistant.

Viv can perform various jobs as it is integrated within such things as cars and electronics. Thus, it will prove quite handy.


The project may be new but Kittlaus is not entirely new to innovative projects.

Previously, he had a part to play in the invention of Siri. Apple acquired Siri Inc for $200m in 2010.

The world was familiarized with a new way to interact with their mobile devices after Siri became part of Apple iPhone in 2011. Microsoft and Google did not take too long to follow it up with their software.

Now, companies like Amazon and Facebook have also pounced on the opportunity with Echo and M, respectively.

Kittlaus does believe that virtual assistants do have their limitations.


Mathew Wong is a research analyst from CB Insights, who believes that big corporations are battling it out with virtual assistant software.

Automation of processes is on the rise because of how lucrative this business is.

The head of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Oren Etzioni is of the view that we would soon be conversing with computers.

Viv is not only competing with big internet corporations but also various other startups who bring their own concepts to the market.

The question is, would this also be a case of another product sold to a tech giant.

For now, Kittlaus is open to all options.

Source: TheGuardian