We Won’t Make Frankensteins

We Won't Make Frankensteins

The leader of a Biotech Corporation in China has promised never to use technology on any person.

Boyalife Group is currently building the biggest animal cloning factory in the entire world.

The company’s facility that is worth a whopping $30 million is said to make embryos of cattle, contraband sniffing dogs and racehorses.

The chief executive of the company, Dr. Xu Xiachun has slammed any claims of the company misusing technology, “No, we don’t do human cloning, we won’t make Frankensteins. The technology we have is very advanced … [but if uncontrolled] technology can also do damage … Every technology has to have a boundary.”


Xu was intrigued by the idea of plant cloning when he was twelve years of age.

Xu is the head of Boyalife Group, which promises to be the world leader in cloning technology.

He believes that the main focus of the company lies on excellent quality beef.

He remarked that the cattle industry in China is not typically stressed in the production of meat.

Though, the consumption of beef in China is increasing as time wears on.

At the same time, the imports continue to boost as a result of poor quality of domestic beef.

Tianjin plant is expected to make 100,000 embryos of prime beef cattle each year.

This number might increase to 1 million embryos every year.

This will mark the largest animal cloning activity in the world.

The dogs capable of sniffing bombs act as a crucial force in combating terrorism.

Interestingly, there are 600 cloned dogs that are already involved in such operations.

Xu mentioned that only the best breed of dogs would be selected for the purpose of cloning.

Although, Xu believes that the society might not be ready to fancy the idea of human cloning.

Source: NBCNews