Safe and Inexpensive Storage of Renewable Energy

Safe and Inexpensive Storage of Renewable Energy

There is a new liquid battery in town which can help the cause of cheaper but safer storage of renewable energy.

Scientists claim that it boasts significantly better life cycle along with enhanced power compared to its counterparts which can even be recharged.

Utility corporations fancy significant rechargeable battery farms which can store extra energy from renewable sources of power.

This can come in handy as soon as the sun disappears and wind seizes to blow.

Though, the safety of such batteries is the main concern with them containing toxic and corrosive substances within them.


Rechargeable batteries can often cost a significant amount of money in large-scale storage of energy.

Many of these batteries provide very few charge cycles, which leads to even further costs.

A lot of these batteries make use of metals that originate from rare ores.

Researchers seem to have made one which utilizes eco-friendly fluids to store and give off energy.

This brand new battery consists of a cathode which itself comprises triiodide ions as well as water soluble iodide.

It is an aqueous electrolyte which is made up of either sulfur or lithium ions.

A polymer membrane separates the cathode and anode which lets ions diffuse through it.

Researchers claim that the anode, cathode as well as electrolyte do not depend on any metals.

Also, they calculate that lithium and sodium ion variants of the battery have energy densities of nearly 65.3 and 63.8-watt hours per kilogram.

Also, the battery possesses a life of 50,000 cycles which is significantly better compared to other rechargeable batteries.

Yonggang Wang is an electrochemist from Fudan University and the co-author of the study mentioned, “The super-long cycling life potentially reduces battery cost.”

Source: IEEE Spectrum