New HoloLens details revealed, including battery life and FOV experience

New HoloLens details revealed, including battery life and FOV experience

Bruce Harris is a Microsoft technical evangelist who has recently shared some fascinating facts regarding the HoloLens in Tel Aviv.

Harris mentioned that an app that is developed for Windows 10 would natively run using Hololens.

However, developers would surely have to develop 3D apps which utilize Hololens to the max.

The fan-deprived wireless gadget makes use of Bluetooth and WiFi.

The battery life mimics the same as that of a laptop, depending on how you use it.

On average, it can last up to 5.5 hours but only up to 2.5 hours if one were to use it, intensively.


The HoloLens develops a 3D model of the environment one is present in as it recognizes fixed structures as well as creates interactive holograms which are capable of creation such as real objects.

This mimics quite the same methodology as the IR sensor in Kinect. Being a mobile device, HoloLens allows one to move around.

There is hardly any chance of motion sickness due to the existence of a real world border in the frame, thanks to the field of view not being all-encompassing.

In fact, it mimics one of those 15-inch displays which sit a couple of feet away from you.

Harris went on to state that HoloLens can share experiences with other users which enable them to see an object, simultaneously.

It all relies on such things as connectivity as well as bandwidth.

This might be quite the game changer for those who like to game online.

There is no official word on when people can expect to see HoloLens in the market.

Developers seem eager to get their hands on the device sometime this year, though.

Microsoft appears to have somewhat obliged by opening a special HoloLens showcase experience at the flagship store based in New York.

Source: WinBeta