New Google Glass Competitor, Carl Zeiss

New Google Glass Competitor, Carl Zeiss 2

Google Glass had promised quite a bit before it was subsequently abandoned by all and sundry.

Google decided to return to the drawing board to start afresh. Issues regarding privacy, coupled with the silly look the device lent while sitting on people’s faces, mainly led to its downfall.

The word is that the optics experts from Carl Zeiss claim they can revive the concept.

Zeiss has not planned to fiddle with the system hardware or software.

Instead, they seem to have discovered a means of projecting a display on the curved lens of the device.

This will give the device the look that matches that of a typical pair of glasses.

Google Glass

Zeiss mentions that the processor, battery and other parts of the smart glasses are encapsulated in the prototype’s arm.

All of these are wired within a small OLED display that lies in the place the arm of the glasses meets the lens.

Each image on these displays is later projected via a polycarbonate mirror that is attached to the lens’s edge.

This works similar to a prism. The resulting image appears on what is known as the Fresnel structure.

This is a very slim lens upon which one looks to view the image.

This image can be formed at any point on the curved lens.

Smart lens

The main advantage of the concept is that one can project pictures from a small screen on a curved glass lens.

The idea is to manufacture wearables that can be worn for a complete day with no one giving the wearer a funny look.

Carl Zeiss is more focused on manufacturing the curved lens and handing over the function of computer software and hardware to a specialized tech corporation.

Thus, they are not even bothering with matters such as battery life or attachments.

Source: Engadget