Bringing a Dodo Back to Life Courtesy of 3D Printing

Bringing a Dodo Back to Life Courtesy of 3D Printing

It is not easy to overlook the tales of 3D printing that makes rounds in the media on a regular basis.

There have been many advancements made in the field of 3D printing.

In fact, this technology could very well be driving an electronic revolution.

It is a kind that has not yet been witnessed since the Industrial Revolution.

These expectations are not poorly placed given the kind of things that can be achieved courtesy of 3D printing technology.

For instance, living cells can now be manufactured using nothing but this innovative technology.

It does not stop at that either, though.

3D printing

A researcher named Howard Stableford looked into a particular postulate of 3D printing to ascertain if further development in 3D printing could bring about any significant benefits to the world.

Howard discovered a 3D printed reef structure along with its scientific applications as he pursued his investigation on the technology.

As he continued the research, he asked the question if 3D bioprinting could reverse the process of extinction in various species in the world.

It is quite an interesting enquiry to make.

Have you ever asked yourself if technology has got to a stage where we could reproduce species?

An Orwellian was of the view that this may well be possible at some point.

However, the idea of bringing a dodo back to life courtesy of 3D printing sounds quite unreal.

Perhaps, some would carry the belief that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Source: BBC