Brain Hacking

Brain Hacking 1

A group of neuro hackers are busy in coming up with methods to grasp and use brainwaves in an attempt to enhance health that could assist physically challenged folks.

Biomedical experts, as well as computer scientists, gathered at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Which is arranged in Las Vegas whereby they exhibited methods of utilizing the signals emitted by the brain.

BrainCo is a startup that revealed their mind control headband that can hack into one’s brain signals.

Its applications vary from taking charge of home applications to enhancing attention span and disease detection.

Zenchuan Lei from BrainCo claims that it does so by translating brainwaves into electronic signals.


The startup firm showcased ways in which people can utilize the device to move a prosthetic hand that can prove extremely crucial for people who have lost their limbs.

Lei believes that the signals emitted by the brain are utilized in such a way that they take control of things such as a prosthetic hand.

Imagine being able to control the switch to the light with that sort of focus. Scientists incorporate neurofeedback in the process which allows this control over the brain.

The headband will be available later in 2016 for lower than $150.

Looxid Labs

Lei also believes that the headband will assist folks who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder since it can help improve one’s concentration and focus.

New York OpenBCI is a project along similar lines that is meant to design a platform for such applications in education and health sectors.

Conversely, it involves a 3D printed helmet that can capture waves from various sectors of the human brain.

Looxid Labs from South Korea also revealed a headset that can track eye movements and brainwaves.

Alex Chang claims that this is the only device he knows that tracks both and offers better accuracy as a result.