Augmented Reality Will Make Us Smarter

Augmented Reality Will Make Us Smarter

It would not be long before you come across the mention of Moore’s law when you are reading an article on future technology.

Moore’s law has to do with the exponential growth of transistors within a circuit along with the pace at which all the information is processed.

Augmented reality is expected to deliver the law of information accessibility at every doorstep in the near future.

This is said to have the potential to enhance the speed of delivering information.

Augmented reality

People have had the experience of the law of information accessibility for the past thirty years.

For many it began with Dewey decimal system in preschool and then it progressed with desktop computers preloaded with encyclopedia in elementary school.

As time wore on, the mobility of laptops made retrieval of information even easier in middle school.

It has been pretty much the same deal with the release of smartphones.

If you pay close attention, you would realize that people have hardly ever been content with the way technology delivers information.

That probably explains why augmented reality head-mounted displays are going to hit the market in the near future.

Larry Page fittingly sums this up in the following words, “the amazing thing about them is that they reduce the time between intention and action.”

The shapes and sizes of these gadgets continue to change but they pretty much offer the same functionality.

Augmented reality along with the internet follow quite the same trend.

Technology like this has improved the pace of delivering information all around.

Productivity takes a boost when information is accessed at an increased pace.

A combination of AR, computer vision and HMD is expected to offer a much more wholesome experience as a result.

Let us see if this makes the term ‘expert’ vanish in smoke any time soon.

Source: TechCrunch