A Hoverboard that Actually Hovers

A Hoverboard that Actually Hovers

There has been no stopping folks who have attempted to create levitating skateboards after watching Marty McFly land in the year 2015 in the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’.

To be fair, the assumption made in the movie back in 1989 did not prove to be true.

We may have in our surroundings machines that we call hoverboards; however, they hardly qualify in this regard.

Essentially, the gadgets hover using wheels along with stabilizers that keep them straight and aligned.

There are a bunch of hoverboards that hover using magnets, but they only function on particular surfaces; not all.


It seems like we might finally get something that mimics the same nature as the real deal.

ArcaBoard is the new hoverboard that measures 57 by 30 inches, and it packs a total of 36 high powered fans that are electric ducted same as those employed in model aeroplanes.

They draw up nearly 200 kilowatts worth of power from 72 lithium polymer batteries.

The makers of the ArcaBoard believe that this is enough to carry a weight of 82 kilograms.

The configuration that the hoverboard possesses allows for hovering for a total of 6 minutes.

An enhanced variant can lift bulkier folks; though, the duration decreases to 3 minutes as a result.

ARCA Space is a Romanian aerospace corporation responsible for the development of this device.

It came into being back in 1999 and only recently moved the headquarters to New Mexico.

The company corroborated with European Space Agency and developed many high altitude drones and rockets.

As the engineers at ARCA Space became more and more curious about the possibility of its creation, they eventually planned to produce the hoverboard.

Following the plans, the company is set to launch the first ArcaBoard in April.

You might want to consider the hefty price tag of $19,900 as well as $4,500 worth of fast charger to charge the battery enough in 35 minutes for it to last 6 hours.

Source: Economist