Google and Ford to team up on driverless cars? Plus the future of autonomous vehicles

Google and Ford to team up on driverless cars? Plus the future of autonomous vehicles

Ford and Google are joining hands to work on a car that requires no driver which is a significant breakthrough regarding autonomous vehicles.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that this concept will instantly hit the market even though the next year is expected to be marked by huge technology innovations.

It is interesting to note that big names such as Apple, Google, Nissan and Tesla are cashing in on the idea and taking these out for a test drive.

Though, it seems like regulatory authorities in California might not fancy the idea too much.

Driverless vehicles

The regulations in California necessitate the presence of a driver behind the steering wheel of a driverless car so that the control of the car can be assumed if it spins out of control.

In such a case, the driver can be held accountable in the event of an accident.

Google has expressed concerns about these requirements as it argues that this technology was conceived with the elderly and disabled in mind.

Google believes that the car would benefit both, the elderly as well as the disabled.

Yahoo Autos confirmed that Ford agreed to manufacture them with Google’s assistance.

Google has continued to test drive the autonomous vehicles for the past six years.

During this tenure, the cars have had accidents for which Google has blamed other parties.

Moreover, Nissan revealed a prototype of its car this past October and planned to begin sales by the year 2020.

Travis Kalanick, CEO at Uber, predicts that the Uber’s fleet will be driverless come the year 2030.

He feels that it will cost so less that car ownership might become a thing of the past.

Ford’s CEO, Mark Fields expects the autonomous vehicles to hit the market in the next five years.

Source: SiliconBeat

Image Source: Artistic rendering of Google’s self-driving car. (Google via Associated Press)