Coleco Chameleon, a New Cartridge-Based Console

Coleco Chameleon, a New Cartridge-Based Console

If you happen to have been a gamer back in the 1980s, you must have had some experience playing ColecoVision.

Released by Coleco in 1982, ColecoVision is a video game console that popularized video games as things that belonged in the living room.

Coleco developed stuff ranging from toys to shoe leather.

It appears that the company is now ready to bring us a brand new home console.

Just to make sure that it keeps the nostalgia flowing, the company has kept the concept of game cartridges alive with it.


Coleco Chameleon is the real hero of this tale of the comeback to the era of cartridges.

Lucky for the new generation, now they get to play 8 bit, 16 bit as well as 32-bit game titles.

Also, it brings original game titles to the table with the same quality of graphics.

Talk about capitalizing on the popularity of 2D retro style game titles.

Make no mistake; though, these games have been a blast in the past on pretty much all the platforms, be it smartphones or Steam.

Chris Cardillo, partnered with Coleco, is quite upbeat about the prospects as he predicts that a fresh new retro gaming console would revitalize as well as revolutionize the Coleco Brand.

Just so you know, this project is a combined effort by Coleco and another company named Retro Video Games Systems.

This exciting announcement does not come with any word on a price tag.

However, the new ColecoVision console is expected to be available for sale next year.

Keep an eye out for a demonstration at Toy Fair New York 2016 this February.

Source: Gizmodo