Australia Has a New Firefighting Robot

Australia Has a New Firefighting Robot 3

Incorporating technology in processes is not only the modern way to do things but also proves quite effective. That explains why authorities in Australia are looking to hire high tech assistance. Termed the TAF 20, a firefighting robot has been recently introduced by David Elliot, the Minister for Emergency Services as well as Greg Mullins, Rescue NSW Commissioner.


Besides a number of other robotic capabilities, this new turbine assisted robot is able to spray water as far as 295 feet. In addition, it can also spray mist at a distance of about 197 feet. Add to that a high  powered fan which can easily clear smoke in an area. It does not just end there; the new robot can be remote controlled from a distance of nearly 1,640 feet. This can help get to places which was not possible before for most firefighters.

High tech robot

The bulldozer blade on the robot is capable of clearing any hindrances such as vehicles in a tunnel or debris after an accident. Greg Mullins stated in a report that the firefighting robot was purchased by the state for A$310,000 which the government has planned to deploy in different parts of the state. In the meanwhile, the government of NSW wishes to keep it in Alexandria.


David Elliot firmly believes that a high tech robot such as this helps Rescue NSW Firefighters to react more effectively to hazardous situations. As mentioned before, this will help firefighters deal with emergencies which was hardly possible before due to the prospect of an explosion. It is worth mentioning here that incorporating technology in firefighting processes is not so simple. Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority publicized a warning past October for recreational drone users. As a result, they are prohibited from flying drones anywhere close to bushfires which jeopardizes rescue attempts.

Source: Mashable

Image Source: NSW