Amazon’s Blue Shade Update Will Help You Sleep Better

Amazon's Blue Shade Update Will Help You Sleep Better

An update is going out later today for all Amazon Fire Tablets called Blue Shade. Similar to F.Lux and software that is in the latest Android and Apple phones, Blue Shade will slowly filter out blue light in order to help you sleep better at night.

It has been proven that blue wavelengths found in LCD displays affect our brain’s ability to discern whether it is daytime or nighttime. Similar to how a blue light alarm works to wake you up naturally, a blue light filter should assist with falling asleep easier.

Many devices already have this feature including laptops with Windows 10. Amazon is a bit tardy to the party, but it is a welcomed feature, especially for those who enjoy reading on their kindle fire tablet.

To get the update make sure your fire tablet is connected to the internet and fully charged.

Once you have the update, you can turn the feature on by selecting the new Blue Shade option in the Kindle Fire’s quick settings menu.

In addition to the blue light filtering, you can also modify other color filters to bring the screen down to a similar level as the Kindle Paperwhite in brightness. This helps your eyes relax when reading late at night.