3D-Printed Sneakers Made From Trash

3D-Printed Sneakers Made From Trash 2

Adidas is a name in sports good that the entire world is familiar with. Word is that it has now unveiled a new pair of sneakers just as the Paris climate change has caught up with us. The new sneakers are 3D printed and sustainable as they have been designed using recycled polyester, plastic from the ocean as well as fishing nets. It has surfaced as a prototype as of now; however, it is a combined effort with Parley which is meant for Ocean shows and to raise awareness as to how the waste in the seas can be utilized.


There is no denying the fact that 3D printing is becoming more and more popular by the day. It is no surprise that it has allowed medical scientists to print heat structures with the assistance of off the shelf technology. The Parley and adidas duo also revealed shoes designed merely out of recycled plastic from the ocean in the early part of this year. The midsole which is developed using 3D printing was unveiled in December. This was a demonstration of Futurecraft which is a 3D printing technique that allows printing midsoles as per the exact requirements of a customer.


The The Group Executive Board member for Global Brands for Adidas named Eric Liedtke believes that industry has not time to wait for further directions from authorities. He is of the view that Adidas in corroboration with Parley has initiated efforts to innovate and sustain when it comes to manufacturing sports materials. Just so that it is out there, Parley looks to curb plastic pollution that litters various oceans in the world. They aim to do this with activism as well as education. No wonder this latest project will go a long way in spreading he awareness.

Source: IFLScience

Image source: Adidas