11 Easy DIY Apartment Fixes Anyone Can Handle

11 Easy DIY Apartment Fixes Anyone Can Handle 1

You are very much in your own zone when you are at home. No wonder you you try your utmost to make it look as best as possible. Though, not every home ends up looking as perfect as it can possibly be. It can actually be pulled off with only a bunch of household stuff along with a few minutes of your time. Let this be the moment to rid yourself of squeaky floors by following these extremely useful tips.

1. Use this WD-40 spray to silence squeaky doors.


2. Plump up the pillow with this little technique.

Plump up pillow

3. Make the air pleasant to breathe with no sprays involved.

Freshen the air

4. Polish rough surfaces of the floor using a toothpaste.


5. Remove stripped screws with the help of a rubber band.

Rubber bands

6. Clean a deck with ease and grace.

Cleaning the deck

7. Conveniently clean a skillet made of cast iron using nothing but coarse salt.

Coarse salt

8. Sprinkle talcum powder on squeaky hardwood floors to silence them.

Talcum powder

9. Soften slamming doors by wrapping wide rubber bands around those doorknobs.


10. Use this convenient and inexpensive concoction to speed up any slow drain.

Slow drains

11. Cover up dings by rubbing walnuts on scuffed furniture of wood.


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