Twenty Cognitive Biases That Could Affect Your Decision-Making

Twenty Cognitive Biases That Could Affect Your Decision-Making 1

There is no denying that the human brain is a thing of beauty. It is capable of managing, perceiving as well as expressing various experiences which make humans so successful in this world. Though, it is not all hunky dory despite this gift from the Almighty. The brain is marked by a range of thoughts which can easily make one very irrational in his or her decision making ability.


Psychologists and cognitive scientists term these distractions as cognitive biases. To put it more simply, these are the errors on part of the brain during evaluation, reasoning and other cognitive stages. These are typically associated with past memories, be it good or bad. Such deviations are commonplace on a regular basis in human life. Infact, the world takes great advantage of these loopholes and uses them against others.


An infographic prepared by Business Insider’s reporter Shana Lebowitz and graphic designer Samantha Lee quite fittingly sums up a total of twenty cognitive biases which proves how irrational our brains can really be.