Tesco Sandwich Bag Helps Keep Premature Baby Weighing 1.1lbs Alive

Tesco Sandwich Bag Helps Keep Premature Baby Weighing 1.1lbs Alive 1

Pixie Griffiths Grant is a baby who was born 3 months premature. She was so tiny that the doctors put the baby in a Tesco sandwich bag in order to ensure warmth. Weighing merely 1.1lbs upon delivery by emergency C-section, the baby soon lost weight and ended up weighing less than 1lb. Doctors had to react quickly in order to stop the baby from losing her body temperature. That explains why a sandwich bag was employed.

New born

The baby was taken to an intensive care unit once the doctors feared for her life and expected her to live no more than an hour. Pixie managed to survive the scare and lives a happy and healthy life at five months of age. Sharon Grant, the mother, noted that Pixie was given a hat once she was put in the bag straight after her birth. She believes that the whole thing was so sudden that the staff must have settled for a sandwich bag as that may have been the only thing available.

Pixie Griffith Grant

She went on to say that she was too scared because she had to get the baby checked over and over, especially after the doctors told her it is bad news. Sharon added that she was in and out of the hospital within a period of 8 weeks. Pixie was able to put on nearly 20 grams in that period. The doctors told Sharon that she needed to have the baby immediately once she was admitted in Royal Cornwall Hospital based in Truro. There had to be a C-section since Pixie could not have survived a normal birth.

Small baby

The doctors initially thought that the body might require a couple of cuts to get the baby. However, one cut was enough to extract the baby. The mother was unable to see her for nearly 6 hours as she had to go into recovery. Pixie was transferred to an incubator where she was kept for about 3 months. Sharon was not permitted to hold her baby for about 18 days as she could lose weight as a result.