A Canadian Has Invented A Hoverboard That Can Actually Fly 16 Feet In The Air

It is rather improbable that you had any experience riding a hover board unless you happen to be Marty McFly, of course. It turns out that Catalin Alexandru Duru, an inventor based in Canada has made it the work of his life.

hover board

Born in Romania, the inventor has become a Guiness World Record holder for the furthest and longest hover board flight. Apparently, Catalin used a hover board made at home in order to fly a distance of 906 feet over a duration of one and a half minute. Interestingly, he was floating his invention as high as 16 feet over Lake Ouareau located in Quebec.

Omani Hoverboards is a company that the 31 year old started. He is pitching the idea to various investors and has already commenced work on a second generation variant of the design which still awaits a patent.

Duru mentioned that considering how technology continues to evolve, he believes that it is actually a feasible idea.

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