If You Are Lying In Bed To Sleep, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE. Here’s The Reason Why!

If You Are Lying In Bed To Sleep, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE. Here's The Reason Why! 1

In the modern day smartphones and tablets are a common commodity carried by all and sundry. Given how useful these beasts are, it is not surprising. These devices can solve any issues we may have. No wonder these are the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we check before turning in to sleep at night. The sad part is looking at them at night just before sleep damages the brain like anything. Before you ask, science does back that very fact. Studies suggest that engaging with your smartphone an hour before going to sleep impairs quality of sleep.


A smartphone features sharp blue lights which enables a person to read the display on sunny days. The light fools the brain into registering the light from the smartphone as the sunlight. When someone uses the smartphone just before sleep during the night, it stimulates the brain to stay awake. You might want to use that as a means of pulling off an all nighter. Though, the downsides easily outweigh the possible advantages of doing so. The chart easily demonstrates how your smartphone could be damaging your health by messing up with the quality of your sleep.

Before sleep

A lot of people take great pride in telling the others how they can manage to work without a hitch despite having slept less than seven hours of sleep which is usually highly recommended. You might be surprised how terribly wrong they all are for even imaginging they are fine. One does not just work alright after putting in less hours of sleep. They simply get accustomed to less hours of sleep after a while. Regardless of whether they get sufficient amount of sleep or not, their brain stops producing Melatonin in case they spend about an hour prior to dozing off. Melatonin is a hormone which provides the body the cue that it is time to sleep.

Health risks that scientists associate with such activity involve fatigue, depression, obesity and even cancer. You could possibly combat this by putting that phone away before turning in at night. Remember, there is always another day to use that phone so let yourself relax.