15 Awesome Maps You Won’t Find In A Classroom

15 Awesome Maps You Won't Find In A Classroom 1

In the modern day people continue to use maps in order to gather information about areas big and small, alike. This post presents a total of 15 maps which give you more information about world maps than any other encyclopedia in the world. So, sit back and begin this virtual world tour with us.


  1. This one basically focuses Tokyo and had been drawn in 1948 in the Japanese Kingdom.
  2. Japanese mapIf you would like to tour a country based on people’s hair colour, consider this your treasure map. This map actually shows countries in the world based on the hair colour of people based within.
  3. Hair colour mapThis map shows homicide stats the world over. You would really want to steer clear of countries marked red on the map.
  4. Homicide mapDrawn way back in AD 43, this map is a reprinted version of a map from Pomponius Mela who is well renowned for inventing the art of drawing maps. It might now make sense at first glance but you would start to understand the logic if you consider the right-hand side view which shows Middle East in the middle, Europe to the north and Africa on its left.
  5. AD 43 mapThis map shows the solar time as well as the official time which continues to differ the world over.
  6. Official time mapThis map shows each city of the world that houses a population of more than 100,000 people.
  7. Population mapThis map shows the density of population of across the globe. Notice how Eastern China and South Asia top the charts in that regard.
  8. Population density mapThis map shows areas across the globe according to their population.
  9. Scaled mapThis map shows the Ottoman Empire from year 1803.
  10. Ottoman Empire mapThis map has been drawn in respect of religions that prevail throughout the world.
  11. Religion mapThis map is from 1154 AD which would hardly make any sense to anyone today.
  12. 1145 AD mapThis map is a close resemblance of the Mercator projection from 1569.
  13. Mercator projectionThis map shows countries in regards to the most popular sports played within them.
  14. Sports mapThis map shows areas based on the most popular websites.
  15. Websites mapThis map shows countries based on their opinion on which country is a threat to world peace. Clearly, America has gotten more votes as a trouble maker more than any other.

Threats map

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