This Pistol Attachment Reduces Bullet Speed And Makes It Non-Lethal

This Pistol Attachment Reduces Bullet Speed And Makes It Non-Lethal 1

Hollywood films seem to have changed our perception about the way local police approaches crime. You would not usually see a local police officer shoot a fleeing criminal in his leg or even target the weapon if one may be holding any. Instead of trying such complicated things, they simply aim for dead center. Even though they do not mean for the criminal to die in the process, the force of the bullet mostly results in the same outcome nine out of ten times. Lucky for such officers, an alternative is now in the works which allows officers to stick to the same practice while preventing a death.

Pistol attachment

Say hello to a device which basically takes the shape of a clip on air bag for a semi automatic pistol. It is able to significantly cut down on the speed of a standard bullet fired; thereby, making it a lot less deadly. Developed by Alternative Ballistics of Poway in California, this new gadget has been created to allow officers of the law to stop criminals without having to force a bullet through the skin. This design comes courtesy of various law enforcement agencies and the Special Forces.


The plastic carrier is traditionally holstered in a belt pouch while the device fits on top of the muzzle of a semi automatic pistol. The installation is easy enough to be performed with one hand alone. This actually helps the officers keep their eyes locked on their targets. Fortunately, the carrier does not hinder one’s sight while aiming. The orange-colored carrier features a hollow sphere at the front which is designed using a proprietary alloy. It catches the bullet prior to being embedded with it. Once the ball fuses with the speeding bullet, it manages to slow its pace by about eighty percent.

alternative ballistics

Alternative Ballistics of Poway

Once a person fires a round, the carrier is subsequently ejected. This allows officers to fire yet another round as the pistol chambers one more bullet. Another positive thing is that it can be conveniently taken off and returned to the pouch if someone decides not to use it at all. Afterall, one does not necessarily have to take a shot to stop a crime.