This Is How Much You Can Have Of Everyday Things Before They Kill You

This Is How Much You Can Have Of Everyday Things Before They Kill You

I do not suppose many of you are aware that a couple of cherry pits can account for your death. How many of you actually knew that consumption of six litres of water can be sufficient to induce coma or claim a life? You could even die due to very loud music, folks. Let us have a look at some of the most peculiar causes of death featured in a video by AsapScience on YouTube.

photo credit: Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

You all know that we must keep a safe distance from things such as mercury which can kill when consumed in the smallest of amounts. Merely 1 gram of Polonium containing vaporized substance also has the same lethal effect. 70 cups of coffee can actually kill a person weighing 70 kilograms due to heart palpitations that can lead to heart arrest.

We already know that alcohol can be dangerous in high doses since they shut down basic life functions of the brain. Even 6 litres of water consumed at a time can cause water intoxication and swell brain cells. Stop consuming liquid at all and start feeding on too much salt, and your cell swill begin to shrink. This is usually termed ‘Hypernatremia’.

Holding your breath for four minutes could cause brain injury and you could possibly die at the sixth minute. Though, there are some free divers who have been able to survive for over twenty minutes without breathing. A couple of ground cherry pits carry sufficient Cyanide to suppress your oxygen. Being 8000 feet above sea level can also cause breathing issues. That is when you enter the death zone on mountains.

Being tall can also cause life expectancy issues. Researchers believe that this puts undue pressure on the bones as well as the circulatory system. Thus, for every inch above five feet takes away 1.3 years of one’s life. Consume eighty five full-sized bars of chocolate at a time and the expression ‘death by chocolate’ will become quite fitting.