Gravity-defying Crocodile Uses Tail To Completely Launch Itself Out Of Water

Trevor Frost seems to have a much more enjoyable job as a photographer for National Geographic than many others around the globe. The latest project that Trevor Frost was engaged in necessitated a close encounter with a saltwater crocodile based in the northern part of Australia. Trevor managed to capture a video to show us all what it feels like to be trapped inside the jaws of an approaching crocodile.

crocodile tail out of water

A video posted by Trevor Frost (@tbfrost) on

Though Trevor has released some fantastic videos, the one that really fascinates all and sundry shows the crocodile using its tail to propel itself to catch on to food that hangs before it, waiting to be pounced on. Trevor Frost was quite clear in his remarks when he mentioned that crocodiles are endowed with really powerful tails. These tails enable them to propel themselves in water bodies as if they were torpedos from some sort of submarine. The video clearly shows the crocodile propelling its whole body out of the water.

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