Is it possible for 45 layers of bulletproof glass to withstand a shot from an RPG-7 rocket launcher? Mind you, this is 45 layers which come together to form 16 inches of massive bulletproof wall. The point of this exercise if to determine if it is in any way possible to have bulletproof glass guard a tank against RPGs and similar anti-tank weaponry.

How does 45 layers of bulletproof glass stand up against a firing RPG


A rather extraordinary test by Crash Zone on YouTube proved that a bulletproof glass can somewhat hold up against a rocket fired at it. The setup involved a cardboard tank that featured a massive embrasure that was 1 meter wide along with a tankman taking guard behind the glass. A soldier named Dmitry was assigned the task to fire the bulletproof window using an anti-tank rocket launcher, RPG-7.

Though, the glass did not fully survive the attack. Despite that armour put up which had some distance in between failed to survive the fast approaching rocket. The rocket easily penetrated 45 layers of resistance and broke the dummy behind the glass to pieces. There is no denying that it is still quite a treat to watch a rocket hone in on a bulletproof glass and make a fascinating explosion burst.