Artists Around The World Pay Tribute To 3-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Aylan Kurdi

Artists Around The World Pay Tribute To 3-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Aylan Kurdi 1

It is common knowledge by now that the Turkish police discovered a body of a Syrian refugee by the name Aylan Kurdi. The boy who was three years of age was reported to have drowned in the Meditteranean sea along with his five year old brother named Ghalib and his mother named Rehan. The three were attempting to get out of Syria while the unfortunate incident happened. The images of the boy’s dead body went viral on the internet which inspired a number of artists all over the world. Here is how artists registered their responses to mourn the boy’s death.

The original image of the dead body of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi is as follows:

Image credits: Nilufer Demir/Reuters

1. Leaders around the world would probably notice it this way.

Dead boy parliament
Credit: Valeria Botte Coca

2. How the little boy should really have gone down.

Deserved ending
Credits: Steve Dennis

3. The world is starting to lose humans day after day.

Losing humans
Credits: Azzam Daaboul

4. The world we live in is not much different than hell.

Living hell
Credits: Khaled Yeslam

5. Gunduz Aghayev pays his respects to the little angel by telling his version.

Paying respects
Credits: Toto Lomento

6. Just sleeping around the waves on the beach.

Sleeping kids
Credits: Mahnaz Yazdani

7. Humanity must soon find a cure for visas.

Cure for visas
Credits: ALBAIH

8. The leaders continue to watch; it is now time to act.

Leaders watch
Credits: Umm Talha

9. It is finally time to go to sleep and eventually wake in paradise.

Sleeping child

10. Humanity is being washed ashore along the waves on a full moon.

Humanity washed ashore
Credits: Murat Sayın

11. Humanity has now been washed ashore.

Humanity gone
Credits: Muaaz Alkhadra

12. Flying angel finds his way across the sea and discovered by other humans.

Flying angel
Credits: Asem Kamal

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