Apple Watch Burns Woman After It ‘Overheated’ In The Sun, Apple Tells Her She’s ‘Wearing it Wrong’

Apple Watch Burns Woman After It 'Overheated' In The Sun, Apple Tells Her She's 'Wearing it Wrong' 1

Annie Hoang is a mother of two who burned her wrists when the Apple Watch she was wearing overheated while she was out in the sun. What made the situation even worse and more frustrating for her was the fact that Apple shrugged off the blame by claiming she must have worn the Apple Watch in the wrong fashion. The 48 year old lady was taking a long journey by car when the Apple Watch overheated which caused her skin to burn. Annie headed straight to the Apple store based in Coquitlam, British Columbia in order to return the watch.

Annie Hoang

Annie was given the Apple Watch as a gift on her 16th anniversary by her husband. The husband is reported to have spent a hefty price of $502 inclusive of tax three months prior to the unfortunate incident. Annie claims that she used to regularly wear the Apple Watch for nearly seven hours prior to taking it off. Initially, the employees in the Apple store did not pay much attention to her complaints. It took a third visit for Annie to speak to the manager in the Apple Store who agreed to refund the full price of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

The manager at Apple Store assured Annie that the Apple Watch would be tested in a lab and subsequently she would be informed of the outcome. Two days after sending the Apple Watch for testing, an employee from Apple sent Annie an email with the suggestion that she had been wearing the watch too tightly which could have been the reason for the burns. Annie refused to believe this and was of the view that if wearing the Apple Watch tightly was actually the reason for the burns it would have happened much earlier. She thinks it could have been due to exposure to the sun.

Wrist burn

It seems like Annie Hoang is not the first burn victim. Once the news got out, people began to post the picture of their burns on Twitter. Since the burn cases got reported, Apple warned Apple Watch customers to consult their physician prior to putting on the device.

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