Wrike Project Management and Collaboration App for Global Organisations

Wrike Project Management and Collaboration App for Global Organisations

Wrike is a platform built to strengthen businesses and corporations around the world by facilitating collaboration and more efficient work management. The project management software has been translated into 10 languages, and offers a free app for both iOS and Android devices. It has been purchased by more than 8,00 organisations in over 120 countries around the world.


Wrike is one of the highest-rated online project management tools in the market. It’s main function is to connect a company to all of its internal and external sectors and make communication and collaboration as smooth as possible. Things like sending individual and group messages, organising meetings, assigning tasks, and keeping company employees up-to-date with the latest information are just a few of the things Wrike helps you do.

The app is also compatible with email clients such as Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, as well as file storage services like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. There is a list of 35 online apps that Wrike integrates with, from WordPress to ProofHQ, to make managing a project online smoother than ever.

Emphasis has been placed on complete work integration more than anything else for the project management app. And as it turns out, whether it is a presentation or a spreadsheet or a data table or even a photograph, Wrike will let you transfer all of your data to its servers. Not only that, you can work directly in Wrike and it automatically saves your progress in the tool and, thanks to the integrations, your updated attachments from other file storage services are also automatically synced. This, as you can imagine, saves a lot of time and effort from moving over data between different apps and integrating different servers to work with each other.

Not forgetting the social media aspect of today’s corporate sector, the app can also integrate with your corporate social channels on Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

The Wrike app is an especially efficient collaboration solution for global organisations, as their entire global database can be shared within the system. This makes the app an incredibly proficient tool to operate a multinational corporation or mega conglomerate. Your people in San Francisco, California or London, England can use the app to communicate and collaborate with their various centers around the world.

Wrike is basically a portable company in your pocket. The connections are all there, the distance doesn’t matter, and there is very little chance of a hiccup because as long as you’re connected to the app, information will be delivered to you and every other need-to-know member of your team.

Wrike leads a growing list of cloud-based companies that facilitate their clientele in keeping their operations efficient, and while it may be younger than some of its competitors, it certainly has the functionality and nerve to compete.