Meet Immortus – The World’s First Solar-Powered Exotic Sports Car

Meet Immortus - The World's First Solar-Powered Exotic Sports Car

One often wonders if road legal cars could be solely operated on the power from the sun. A company has finally answered in the affirmative, confirming their plans to reveal a dumbed down variant of a proposal along those lines later in 2015. Named ‘The Immortus’, a vehicle that accommodates two passengers at a time is being brought to us by a Melbourne-based electric vehicle tech startup.

Solar powered car

The car features lithium battery which can convserve energy up to ten kilowatt-hours. In addition, solar panels cover nearly eighty six square feet of its area. In terms of its weight, the car is as light as five hundred kilograms with no weight inside while it weighs seven hundred with full load. What is really fascinating is the fact that this new innovation is capable of running on solar power only.

This has now been made possible with the low mass to power ratio that the car sports. The tyres of the car are especially designed for the vehicle which strengthens its case of being aerodynamic with a rather fascinating look. It is also capable of reaching speeds of one hundred miles per hour. When it is solely operating on solar power, the vehicle can reach up to fifty miles per hour.

CEO Barry Nguyen claims that the new vehicle can continue to operate on solar power alone for the rest of its life if it does not cross the limit of sixty kilometers per hour with the sun shining at all times. Ofcourse, that is quite an uphill task and requires a battle with nature itself but it is important to note that the idea is to use solar power in combination with existing technology.

Speaking of the price, the CEO claims that this solar powered car is to retail for nearly $370,000. Though, the sales are not expected to exceed 100. The team working on the project have plans in place to test the vehicle by the end of next year. It would all depend on how mcuh money they can actually raise for this prototype.