Charity Worker Who Visited Sick Children As Batman Dies In Car Crash

Lenny Robinson is a man from Maryland who was famous for dressing up as Batman and paying a visit to sick children admitted in hospitals. Sadly, he died last Sunday night following an accident after his custom-made Batmobile broke down at the highway.


Robinson used to visit children admitted in hospitals ever since 2001. However, what made him well known to the world was a video of him being pulled over in his Batmobile by the police in 2012. Unfortunately, his last moments also involved him driving his Batmobile when it suddenly broke down while he was returning from a car show. Robinson stopped the car slightly parked on the fast lane as he got off to investigate the issue. A fast-approaching vehicle hit the car that badly jolted him and eventually claimed his life on the spot.

batman dies car crash

Back in 2012 when Robinson was pulled over by the police, he was to be charged for not having a proper license plate. Though, the video ended with the police shaking his hand and capturing images of the Batman standing right next to his Batmobile. A resident of the outskirts of Baltimore, Robinson built and sold a successful commercial cleaning business prior to buying his custom-made car. He went on to spend $5000 on the Batman costume and a further $25,000  per year on memorabilia and toys for children admitted in hospitals.

Batman Dies After He Is Hit By A Car

Batman Dies After He Is Hit By A Car

Batman Dies After He Is Hit By A Car

The fascination with Batman was due to his son’s profound love for the character when he was still a child. The son would often accompany Robinson to hospitals dressed as Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Sometimes, charities and hospitals would just call him up for a visit. Robinson always maintained that the primary reason for him doing all this was ‘for the kids’. Without doubt, he lived a superhero and died a superhero.