6 Benefits of Online Cloud Storage

6 Benefits of Online Cloud Storage 1

Running a successful business of any size comes with an incredibly high number of everyday hurdles. Balancing overhead with income, managing employees and workflow and finding time for meetings and other necessary evils are all common headaches that senior members of teams have to contend with regularly.

Information storage shouldn’t be one of the things stressing you out. iiNet offers online cloud storage solutions that will save your company money and make it easier to manage your company’s valuable data. Looking for reasons to turn to cloud storage? Here are a few.

Instant access
Perhaps the best part of transferring your company’s IT infrastructure to the cloud is that you’ll be able to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it infinitely easier to manage and maintain workflow externally and keep your hands on your system no matter where you are. Cloud storage also allows you and IT professionals to address problems without having to physically be in the office.

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Free up space
Non cloud-based storage requires physical servers that can take up valuable space in your office and, depending on your company’s rate of growth, cost a lot of money in the form of adding and maintaining additional hardware. Moving your company’s IT system to the cloud eliminates this potential problem.

Cloud storage doesn’t just help with physical space, either. You can add virtual storage space at any time for your company with just a few clicks.

Lessen your load
One of the best aspects of online cloud storage is that it puts the handling of your IT in the hands of experienced professionals. Navigating the technical aspects of a business can be difficult. A staff of consultants will discuss your company with you, determining just what you require in terms of cloud storage and figuring out which plan aligns best with those needs.

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Stay safe
Cyberattacks are unfortunately a very real part of today’s business world. Your company is susceptible to attack from countless angles, with hackers and other devious minds trying to disrupt production at every turn. Signing up for online cloud storage comes with enhanced security, giving you peace of mind that your company’s data is in safe hands at all times.

Cloud storage controls allow you to create your own firewall specifications quickly and easily as well as determine who does and does not have access to certain parts of your infrastructure.

Save money
This is another strong reason to shift to cloud-based IT services. Many providers, including iiNet, offer flexible contracts that don’t require a lock-in contract. And your company’s growth isn’t a problem either. Providers will often offer scalable service that grows with your company in positive times and shrinks incrementally during lean times. That means you don’t have to waste money buying new server space, only paying for what you use. Finally, this will keep you from having to employ as many dedicated IT staffers in your office, freeing up even more resources.

It’s easy
With the help of a professional staff ready to specifically address your business’ needs, switching over to online cloud storage is a piece of cake. A few clicks will have you up and running with your first virtual machine, and a variety of customizable options will make managing your company simple no matter where you are.