23 Hilariously Stupid Things That Ever Happened

23 Hilariously Stupid Things That Ever Happened 1

1. A journalist who was dying to say this since his childhood.

Journalist's joke

2. A guy who suffered an earworm on that one day.

Smooth caramel

3. A guy who would just take any directions that came his way.

Butt drawings

4. A vandal that proves so helpful in case you forgot something.


5. A user on Tumblr pulled a great pun from the 1990s.

Amazing pun

6. A student who knew how to closely follow instructions.

Attention to detail

7. A math student who had no issues spotting the ‘x’.

Math student

8. Another student who knew his metal bands a little too well.

Big metal fan

9. A guy who watched enough ‘Supernatural’ to understand how to bust ghosts.

Supernatural fan

10. A girl who clearly understands how important salsa really is.


11. A guy on Instagram who has a username that is better than most.

Cool username

12. A newswriter who just can not resist a pun.


13. A dairy company that is just as cheeky as anyone out there.

Dairy company

14. A highly committed guy who dragged a stove to the open range highway.

Stove on highway

15. Even Marilyn Manson knows his puns quite well.

Marilyn's mansion

16. Here is a shell shocking story published in Whitchurch Herald.

Shell shocked

17. Hobbit gel can not be advertised better than this.

Hobbit gel

18. This shirt by Nike sends regards to the mom, somehow.

Hobbit gel

19. A UCSD student with the aim of helping others work.

Social work

20. Seems like a true gamer carries their game mode to their car as well.

Legend of zelda

21. Some vandals can eventually prove to be quite misleading.

Legend of zelda

22. A guy who decided to play against the rules of the game for a change.

Toe the line

Bread Pit


23. This is what one does with a bread loaf and a pit bull at their disposal.