This Ultimate Travel Jacket Has 15 Features, Raised Over $1.8m on Kickstarter

This Ultimate Travel Jacket Has 15 Features, Raised Over $1.8m on Kickstarter 1

Organizing oneself is key to having a good time on the road regardless of the purpose of one’s travel, be it for a casual visit or a business trip. It is simple; if you have got precisely everything that is actually needed for your trip and nothing more, it saves you quite a lot of hassle. Being disorganized often dearly costs people in shape of loss of key items when they are miles away from home.

All in one jacket

BauBax is an all in one jacket that is being funded on Kickstarter that is an answer to these issues. It is a fresh innovation, by a firm based in Chicago. which homes a total of 15 features. Speaking of funding, it has already raised over $1,894,000 to date that has come from the pockets of 10,500 backers. That figure translates to more than 50 times the goal of $20,000 that the firm wished to raise.

Innovative jacket

The all in one jacket is meant for both, men as well as women. It can be worn as a blazer, a bomber, a windbreaker and a sweatshirt. Those benefactors who were wise enough to contribute to the project early managed to get the jacket in the range of $89 to $119. Donors who wish to contribute now will be set back by $109 to $129. One would imagine that it is still not too much of a difference there.

This all in one jacket may seem usual. However, it is packed with a number of features as mentioned before. Eye mask and inflatable neck pillow are a couple of favorites to name a few. Not many people fancy having a neck pillow stuck to their suitcases while they trudge their way along the airport, right? A Koozie Drink Pocket on the all in one jacket will prevent the wine from spilling over your trousers since you would not have to cope with that annoying fold-down table on the airplane. What’s even worse, you could spill it on the person sitting next to you. Let us have a peak at the video to learn about more features this all in one jacket has to offer.