Crow Rides On The Back Of a Bald Eagle

Crow Rides On The Back Of a Bald Eagle 1

Hitching rides in real life is no big deal for the human kind. Though, the idea of a bird hitching a ride on another fellow being is quite fascinating. Some intriguing images have been captured by photographer Phoo Chan that show a crow taking a seat atop a beautiful bald eagle while it is still in its flight. You would imagine it to turn bloody in no time but it is a surprisingly peaceful setup.

Bald eagle

Crow on eagle

Crow hitches a ride

Eagle in flight

Chan believes that crows are renowned for harassing raptors which are bigger than them. As soon as they notice any such beings in their zones, they see them as intruders that usually leave in no time. The pictures taken clearly show that the crow in the frame is not harassing the bald eagle. Nor does the bald eagle seem irritated by the crow taking a ride on top of it. Enjoy that view, folks.