This post shows the image of the burnt body of Hiroshi Ouchi who was thirty five years of age and was unfortunate enough to end up on the wrong side of a horrendous accident a uranium reprocessing facility based in Tokaimura. The irony of the situation is that Ouchi used to work in this northeastern part of Tokyo until this unfortunate incident happened in 1999. The reason behind this fatal accident has been known to be the deposition of uranyl nitrate solution. This solution carried about 16.6kg worth of uranium that exceeded the critical mass that was set by authorities.


A total of three workers at the facility found themselves exposed to a great number of strong radiation in shape of neutron beams. As soon as the beams ripped his body, Ouchi died an instant death as those incoming radiation absolutely annihilated each chromosome in his body. When Ouchi was rushed to the emergency room at University of Tokyo, he was reported to look relatively well for a person who was exposed to that level of strong radiation. Infact, he was even able to talk to the doctors present in the emergency room of the hospital until the skin began to come off.

Ouchi’s state of health deteriorated as the radiation attacked the chromosomes in his cells. He was kept alive for more than three months during which the skin continued to fall and blister. Each day his body would lose roughly 20 litres of fluid and internal organs kept getting worse by the minute. While he was kept in medical coma, the doctors closely monitored his condition. The medical treatments that followed included: skin grafts, blood transfusions and stem cell transplants. Inspite of the lack of knowledge of doctors in their treatment, Ouchi was bound lose the fight due to the hazardous amount of radiation.