German City Uses Hydrophobic Paint To Pee Back On Urinators

German City Uses Hydrophobic Paint To Pee Back On Urinators

What is the best way to deal with those that urinate on the walls? In case you happen to be tech savvy like the community of Saint Pauli, you make good use of science to get back at such nuisances. To be more precise, you can use hydrophobic paint that can make pee bounce off. Just so that you know, St Pauli is a red light district in Hamburg, a city in Germany.

Hydrophobic paint

The authorities in the city have sprayed the walls in the city with hydrophobic paint. Such category of paints repels liquids to such an extent that the liquid bounces right off the surface of the painted wall. What does that mean? Simply, try peeing on those walls and the walls will throw all that pee right back at you with a vengeance.

The video clearly depicts how strongly this kind of paint resists liquids. Any one who even dares to pee on these walls only asks for their pee to be bounced back onto their own shoes. Why wait for the hereafter when you can get payback in this world with such neat tricks? The local authorities believe that this would not only spread the message that walls are not meant to be peed on but also ensure that the area continues to look as well as smell pleasant.

The only major disadvantage of the hydrophobic paint is its cost. The organisers state that painting a six square metre zone costs A$700. However, the counter argument is that cleaning costs that would otherwise be incurred quite easily balance out that expensive cost of the paint. Authorities hope that a measure such as this would be sufficient to convince drunk men and women to use toilets rather than doing their thing out in the open against a wall.