10 Uses Of Teabags You Did Not Know Before

10 Uses Of Teabags You Did Not Know Before 1

There is no doubt that tea contains a lot of antioxidants which are key to undoing any damage that may have been inflicted on the cells. Any damage to these cells can eventually result in deadlier illnesses as well as wrinkles. It seems like the teabags you temporarily put in your teacup and throw away afterwards can be of real benefit. Here are ten important uses of teabags you may well have been unaware of.


1. Insect bites

It is no surprise that any bites by insects can causing itching. Luckily, teabags can be applied on the itchy surface in order to mitigate the urge to itch.

Insect bites

2. Sunburns

After the teabags have been submerged, allow the to cool down before placing them on any sunburns you may have. This would gradually deliver the much needed relief.


3. Minor bruises

All you have to do is place soaked teabags on any minor bruises you may have. This can speed up the process of healing.


4. Sore gums

If you have a used and cooled teabag, place it on your sore gums in order to relieve the tissues that are swollen. This almost instantly stops any bleeding and constricts blood vessels.

Sore gums

5. Puffiness

Take a warm, soaked teabag and place it on both eyes for nearly twenty minutes.


6. Warts

If you need to shrink warts on your skin, place a soaked teabag on a wart for about ten minutes twice a day.


7. Dark circles

Place a soaked teabag under the eyes for nearly twenty minutes in order to free yourself of those annoying, dark circles.

Dark circles

8. Refrigerator odor

Put a used teabag in the refrigerator to allow it to soak up all the foul smell building up in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator odor

9. Grease cleansing

Teabags can be used to clean any dirty pots, mirrors and pans.

Grease cleansing

10. Unclean hair

Unclean hair


Rinse the hair with a cup full of tea. This can contribute to the shine of the hair. Plus, it makes them a lot more manageable. Be aware that this works particularly well for dark hair.