Your Swimming Pool Red-eye Is NOT From Chlorine, It’s From Urine

Your Swimming Pool Red-eye Is NOT From Chlorine, It's From Urine

In the modern day, redeye is the new deal; it is an irritating feeling one gets in the middle of and after swimming in a pool.

Swimming Pool Red Eye

People have believed for a long time that this is the result of chlorine being present in the swimming pool. A lot of us begin to wonder if we have developed allergies to chlorine. The fact of the matter is that all such people are suffering from Chlurine – the combination of chlorine and urine. That is precisely what leads to irritation in the eyes after a swim.

This piece of information had been revealed this past month by National Swimming Pool Foundation. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

When nitrogen-containing compounds found in pee, sweat and dirt combine with chlorine, irritants are formed. These substances, not the chlorine itself, irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory system.

It is quite awkward to even imagine one function of the body leading an attack on other parts of the body. As it turns out, the swimming pool cough that people get after a swim is the result of chemical reaction between urine as well as chlorine. This combination takes place once the two get caught in one’s throat. One only wishes no such chemical reaction befalls them.

Many people believe that an effective solution to this problem is to pour more chlorine in the swimming pool. This can actually kill off more bacteria that could potentially have caused issues. The CDC believes that recreational water illnesses (RWI) have appreciated in the past ten years. One of the most common illnesses out of all such health issues is diarrhea. As many as 20,000 people have been reported to have been rushed to restrooms due to swimming pool bugs.