Here’s Why You Should Avoid Using Hand Sanitizer

Here's Why You Should Avoid Using Hand Sanitizer

So you thought squirting that hand sanitizer all over your hands will keep you miles away from germs? Sure, it is super convenient and a faster way of cleaning the hands, but is it really as desirable as we may feel it is? The fact of the matter is that a hand sanitizer is unhealthy for your skin. Host of DNews, Tata Long went to great lengths to quote various studies, explaining the reason why one must avoid using a hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer

The main theme behind the concept against the use of hand sanitizers is that the active ingredient by the name of ‘Triclosan’ found in most hand sanitizers kills off the good bacteria in the body, leaving it vulnerable to attacks by external agents. Another study hints at the fact that the more you use a hand sanitizer, the more the chances of your skin absorbing more Bisphenol A (BPA).

BPA is readily used in the production of most hard plastics. It imitates the hormones in a human body and can cause quite the imbalance when it comes into contact with the skin. Interestingly, it can account for more than just hormonal disorder; infertility, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are also likely outcomes of dangerous levels of exposure. Another study also reveals that exposure to chemicals found in hand sanitizers can increase penetration of lypophillic compounds.

All these factors have led to increase in risk of disease among adults as well as growth abnormalities among young children. The million dollar question to ask at this point is, what does one do about it? Sadly, there are currently no alternatives to BPA available. In the absence of any such alternatives, it is advisable for you to stop using hand sanitizers altogether. Atleast do not attempt to use it before you munch on a takeout sandwich.

How would you folks react to this news? Will you be abandoning your hand sanitizers altogether or simply lessen its frequent use? Feel free to let us know your responses in the comments below.