This New Gadget Capture Cow Farts and Convert Them Into Green Energy

Passing gas may come naturally to many of us but it does not quite sit well with those around us. Since the smell contains methane and other foul smelling gases, it is sure to cast a poor impression on the rest. What is the use of such gas anyway, some would wonder. Apparently, there are cows which are starting to generate great amounts of bio gas only by passing wind. This innovative project originated in Argentina where the researchers installed portable methane gas packs on various cows.

Gas pack

Each of these gas packs is installed at one side of every cow. Subsequently, a thin tube goes through the backside of these cows. As the cows pass gas, the gas pack on the side starts to fill up. Ofcourse, not all of the gas comprises methane. As a result, methane is filtered out for its use as biogas. Let us also not forget how important it is to rid the environment of greenhouse gases like methane. Surely, this is one way of atleast reducing the reach of greenhouse gases.

Cow gas

The fact that cows are being used for the storage of methane is not just a matter of saving the environment; it raises a number of environmental and ethical issues. For instance, some people are of the view that cows must not go through all that suffering merely for the collection of methane. Afterall, sticking a tube down somebody’s or something’s rectum is no joke. Moreover, the the weight of the gas pack can adversely affect the movement of the cow. In essence, it all depends on what slant you put on to it. On the bright side, we are able to put that foul smelling gas to some sort of use, though.

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