This Is What You Need To Check Next Time You Buy Mineral Water Bottle

This Is What You Need To Check Next Time You Buy Mineral Water Bottle

It is a well known fact that bottled water is of no use if there are compromises made in its quality during the manufacturing phase. Despite these concerns, we fancy keeping a bottle or two with us in times of emergency. These bottles of water are all labelled. Have you ever wondered why? It is best practice to keep an eye out for these labels and especially what the abbreviations on them stand for. Here is a list of the abbreviations featured on these bottles and what they mean. They could help you make an important decision regarding your health.

Plastic Water Bottles


This type of plastic bottle contains the safest water compared to other sorts of bottles containing water. This sort of plastic has extremely less chances of adding anything to the water inside it.


This type of plastic has some likelihood of having some chemicals and metals added into the water inside. This can, in turn, lead to hormonal imbalance in the body later on.


Beware, LDPE is merely used for the making of plastic bags. Anything such as this appearing on a plastic water bottle would certainly be a strange occurrence.

3V or PVC

This type of plastic generates toxic chemicals which can lead to hormonal imbalance in the human body. It goes without saying that you should always avoid drinking from a water bottle that has these abbreviations listed on the label.

PC or not labelled to begin with

This sort of plastic contains an endocrine disruptor, BPA. It is normally used in some food containers as well as sports water bottles.


You should always be cautious with this one in particular. This kind of plastic is capable of releasing carcinogenic substances. It is usually incorporated in the production of coffee cups as well as fast food casings. Just to be clear, we usually refer to it as styrofoam in our daily lives.

So then, there you have it. Given that your decision could have health and safety consequences, it is best to make a choice of your water bottle, wisely.