If you happen to be one of those people who are into experimentation, you must be super curious as to what happens when you pour molten aluminum in an ant hill. In case you are able to spot an ant hill near your place, consider yourself fortunate. An abandoned ant hill is even better for this fascinating DIY project and could leave you with a decoration piece to display in your place.

Ant colony

This guy was able to locate a colony of fire ants which had been vacated by the creepy crawlies for a while. Ofcourse, the next thing he did was to pour aluminum inside the fire ant colony. As soon as it cooled down, the guy dug the fire ant colony only to extract the cast. Then, he washed it with clean water. He incorporated a solid brush in order to clear the dust that may have been left behind.

There you go folks, that is the amazing output of this tiresome effort. Watch the video and let us know how many of you will try this for yourselves.