Driving a racing car is no joke; it is even more intense when it comes to Formula 1. Be it NASCAR or Indy Car, each vehicle involved zooms out of the view in no time. Ofcourse, each sort of racing comprises its own set of requirements. This video shows how the pit stops vary across Formula E, F1 Racing, NASCAR, WEC and Indy Car.

formula 1 pit stop

As already evident in the video, Formula 1 takes the lead with more than 14 crew members that tirelessly work on those wheels without allowing any stoppages for refueling in the midst of a race. NASCAR as well as Indy Car use a total of six crew members and feature allowance for refueling in the middle of a race. Formula E comprises just two crew members and the drivers switch cars as well. Finally, WEC features two crew members for tyre change and two for changing drivers with a new driver entering as the pit stop is at work.