This Devastating New Bullet Is The “World’s Deadliest Bullet Ever Made”

This Devastating New Bullet Is The

Bullets used in pistols have retained pretty much the same form and shape since their inception many decades back. The end of a pistol bullet, in particular, is meant to hit the target and neutralize the enemy upon impact. It has not undergone any significant changes over all these years. However, G2 systems have introduced a Radically Invasive Projectile (RIP) bullet that changes that perspective quite significantly.

RIP bullet

RIP is known to be an avid weapon that has a number of lethal jaws protruding on its end. Besides the deadly looks, it is equally effective at causing significant amount of damage to the opponent. It was first introduced in order for gun-wielding women to keep away predators that attempted to approach them. The corporation behind this effort believes that it would be the last bullet someone requires.


There is good reason to fear its impact, folks. It can account for spiral wounds around the entry point that can reach far into the skin. The pain that is inflicted is not just limited to that; it can rip right through one’s internal organs to cause fatal wounds. This way the shrapnel can accumulate in various parts of the body which multiplies the extent of damage.

RIP bullets

This explains how lethal a bullet such as this can actually prove to be. That places even more importance on its production and controlled use. There is already a lot of violence going on with hundreds of people getting injured in public shootings incidents. Though, it could prove to be mighty effective in hostage rescue and covert ops. Law enforcement agencies could put this lethal weapon to great use in this manner.

RIP rounds

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