Here Are 10 Hacks To Make You Sleep Better This Summer

Here Are 10 Hacks To Make You Sleep Better This Summer 1

Summers are already here. That spells hot hell for many of us who live in hotter regions of the world. Not each of us can afford air conditioners which can make it tough to endure the suffering. Here is a list of 10 DIY tips & tricks which can help you get comfy sleep even in fire breathing summer season.

  1. Spray Bottle and Fan

spray bottle

Fill a bottle of spray with water only to set it to the finest mist. Each time you feel hot, spray the cold water on yourself. While you do this let the window fan blow air directly at you. This will keep you nice and comfortable throughout the night.

  1. Cool That Central Core

Cool Central Core

Keep a 2 litre bottle of cold drink or water handy. Fill the bottle with water and put it to freeze. Slide the bottle in a pillow case and keep it close to your chest like a cuddle bear would. With that central core cool, you shall have a good night’s rest.

  1. The British Way

British Way

The British would often use cotton or linen when they would come over to the sub-continent. They would leave each end in a bucket of water. The water would be pulled up the fabric slowly and gradually while the breeze blowing outside or a ceiling fan would bring the temperature further down.

  1. Use Talcum Powder

Talcum Powder

Sprinkle some of that talcum powder on the sheets. Trust me, it actually works wonders.

  1. Fans to the rescue

Fans to rescue

In case the temperature outside the house is lower than inside, set a window fan such that it can pull the cool air from outside. It is amazing how the temperature inside changes as a result.

  1. Air Flow

Air flow

A couple of window fans can work quite the magic. Set up the fans in such a way that one draws cold air in whereas the other vents out the hot air. Set the window fan venting out hot air higher above ground to achieve better results.

  1. Home-made Air Conditioner

Home-made air conditioner

Place a block of ice in a pan which can collect enough water once the ice melts. Put it before a fan and enjoy the cooler air throw.

  1. A Hammock Helps


Science is clear on the subject of air; if it is hot it rises. Thus, you are better off staying closer to ground. A hammock can keep you closer to ground and allow for easier air flow at the same time.

  1. Better be precautious than hot


Keep those curtains and blinds shut during the day. Once the sun begins to set, open those windows and let your fans draw cool air inside.

  1. Turn Off Your Gadgets

Turn off gadgets

Do not forget that electronic devices give off heat as well. All that heat adds to the temperature of your room. The lesser devices that are switched on at a time, the better it is. Keep most, if not all of them, turned off for as long as possible.