It is only natural to drop your jaw with surprise upon learning the price of a Rolex watch. One immediately wonders why on earth a branded watch is so bloody expensive. Sure, it is a branded watch but that watch primarily tells the time after all. A fair argument is that even a dirt cheap watch can accurately tell the time. So, why does Rolex set one back by a difference of thousands of bucks, huh?

Rolex watch

To begin with, the material is super unique with gold surrounded by 22 carat diamonds and various other precious stones. Mind you, those extravagant gems are not the only bits that make it worth your time (pun intended) and money. A number of different designs, procedures, and mechanics are employed in the making of these extraordinary wristwatches. The video above offers a detailed demonstration of the manufacturing of the Rolex watches.

Video/Image Credit – WatchFinder