This Video of a Young Couple Aging 70 Years Will Bring You To Tears

This Video of a Young Couple Aging 70 Years Will Bring You To Tears

There is no telling how you and your significant other would like in the decades to come. A couple in their twenties called Kristie and Tavis were curious about what they would look like in the years to come. They decided to sign themselves up with stage makeup by a YouTube channel called Field Day.

Young couple

The couple would be getting married next month and were curious to see what they might look like in the coming few decades. Kristie said that her mom found it to be the coolest thing. Kristie and Tavis sat before a black backdrop by makeup artists who made over their faces and hair. This way they were able to see how they might seem like when they reached their 50s, 70s and their 90s.

First off, the makeup artists mimicked the state they would be in when they reached their 50s. For this purpose, they slightly pulled back Kristie’s hair which included a few gray hairs. Kristie noticed the wrinkles around the eyes and said she would surely look like her mother one day. Once Tavis saw his made over face with wrinkles as well as age spots, he said he might have to begin using sunscreen.

After their 50s, the makeup artists made them over so that they seemed like they had reached their 70s. Kristie was quite expressive when she saw Tavis in the state. Tavis looked to the camera and said he was curious as to what might have gone on up to the times they reached their 70s. Kristie thought it is quite affecting to see oneself in their 70s when one is actually close to 20.

Eventually, the makeup artists made over the couple to seem like they were in 90s. This was the most intense stage whereby they gave the couple rubber faces along with false eyebrows and wigs. Tavis thought that Kristie did not look even a day older than 75 years. Kristie explained that it was quite comforting to see Tavis in this way. Infact, it made her even more sure that she wanted to be with him.