This Revolutionary SmartScreen Protector Will Magically Give Your iPhone a Back Button

This Revolutionary SmartScreen Protector Will Magically Give Your iPhone a Back Button

The increased screen size on the iPhone 6 Plus offers quite an amount of screen estate for users to work with. However, it also means that using the smartphone with one hand can be quite tricky. People with smaller hands have a tougher time reaching beyond the halfway mark of the display. Pressing the back button for an app is particularly difficult in such a case, for that matter. Say goodbye to those worries with the all-new, Halo Back.

Halo Back

This is a recently released accessory for Apple iPhone which helps users eliminate the need to shimmy their hands up their smartphones. Termed as the world’s first smart screen protector, Halo Back latches onto the iPhone display and provides users with a virtual back button. Users can simply reach the button, placed left of the Home button, with their thumb.

You must be curious as to how this is accomplished. Actually, the capacitive touchscreen display of the iPhone registers what the users need to do once it reads where the fingers distort the electrostatic field. The new iPhone smart screen protector makes use of a circuit layer which reroutes the current. This enables the lower left touch to be registered in the upper left corner.

Halo Back constitutes high quality tempered glass and is nano coated which means that it provides resistance against oil and fingerprints. It is about 130mm long for the iPhone 6 variant whereas the one for iPhone 6 Plus measures 150mm in length. In addition, it only weighs about 6 to 8 grams which does not add much bulk to the smartphone.

In case you are interested, you may get yourself the Halo Back by preordering it on Kickstarter for as low as $12. Seeking its target of $20,000, the project has currently achieved $87,500 with 25 days still to go.