Internet can be a place full of jerks on multiple occasions. It is not uncommon for people to receive sarcastic or negative remarks when they post a problem they require a solution to. In such instances, a cold response is the last thing they need. However, that is not all that the internet has to offer; there are some good samaritans as well. This is a story of a Reddit user who surely restored the faith in humanity of plenty.


Reddit user by the name Rbradbury1920 wrote a lengthy post on Reddit regarding a number of post-it notes that he had discovered in his apartment. He mentioned that these notes were not his work and if they would amount to some sort of evidence. More often than not, people replying to such a question would go absolutely berserk with negative comments and sarcastic remarks. This one post that received a mix bag of responses, though.

There were some commentators who tried to arrive at the plausible causes of the plight of the Reddit user.

There were some other users who had a rather swift response to this dilemma.

Then there were some who were totally in awe of one comment by the Reddit user, Kakkerlak.

“Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions and gave advice on how to proceeded [sic] – especially to those who recommended a CO detector… because when I plugged one in in the bedroom, it read at 100ppm,”

The advice that Reddit user Kakkerlak gave soon after turned out to be very important. The comment by Rbradbury1920 confirmed how crucial it eventually turned out to be for him. Ultimately he thanked all those who left comments and advice for him to follow before disclosing that there was no more need for any worries regarding the matter.