This Newly Created Super Strong Metal Floats On Water

This Newly Created Super Strong Metal Floats On Water 1

A researcher from the NYU Polytechnic University named Nikhil Gupta has managed to create a super strong metal which is so light that it can float on water. This super strong metal is magnesium-alloy syntactic foam. That basically means that it is a composite material which comprises a metal matrix which consists of solid metal. It could be compared to a slice of Swiss cheese on the inside which hints at the strength in the absence of much significant weight.

Super strong metal

Such a material that is extremely strong while being so light has a lot to offer. Gupta has already been contacted by the military and funded for this work. This sort of metal will now be used to build the deck of a sophisticated ship. Interestingly, this super strong metal can not only be used to build a whole new ship but it can also come in handy during the construction of other lighter vehicles which can boost fuel efficiency without compromising the strength of the metal even one bit.

To be more precise, this super metal is about 44 percent stronger compared to a similar foam using aluminum. Besides having a density of a gram per cubic centimeter, it is also capable of resisting upto 25,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. In terms of overall cost, Gupta expects it to be cheap given that the components making up the foam are readily available at this point in time. He also expects the syntactic foam to be available by late 2018 even though it will initially benefit the military.

New metal

There is absolutely no doubt that this super strong metal will attract a lot of attention from various manufacturers. This would especially cater issues like fuel efficiency in aircrafts and cars. Though, this will be a cause of concern for many companies investing in plastic products that claim to be as strong as steel. Once syntactic foam establishes itself, the market for the plastics could rapidly decline. Spare a thought for those poor fellows, folks.