It Was Never A Dress: This Campaign Will Change How You See Bathroom Signs

Tania Katan is an extremely talented author, activist and a programmer who has made a fresh fun concept for women’s bathroom signs. With such an attempt, she wishes to change the assumptions and perceptions regarding women in order to especially highlight the strong, gutsy and sensitive gestures that women make on a daily basis.

Bathroom sign
On comparing the old and new signs, it is clear as day which one looks the better one. (Credits: Jamie Kruger)

Opposed to the usual skirt-wearing sign on the women’s bathroom, Katan created a sign that shows a woman sporting a cape along with a slogan that says ‘It Was Never A Dress’. Suffice it to say, the sign seems to show a superhero in action that is intent on proving a point to those who understand little about her powers that precede all others.

Women's bathroom sign
Look closer and you would realize that the sign was merely a silhouette of the superhero.

More on Katan herself, she is associated with software developer Axosoft as the Curator of Code. The basic idea behind the campaign #ItWasNeverADress was to support more and more women to set their step in the technology industry. It is quite clear that most people do not associate women with the field of technology in the modern day and it is surely about time somebody did something about it.

Not all superheros are male; Katan hopes to have more female counterparts on board for the job. (Credits: Hayley Ringle)
Superhero sign
Insightful women of the modern day are often left out or simply overlooked but their potential knows no bounds. (Credits: Lawdan Shodaee)
Insightful women
Katan believes that when we start to see women differently, we will begin to see the world in a different perspective as well. (Credits: Axosoft)

Do you believe this initiative by Tania Katan will achieve what it aims to achieve for the sake of women empowerment? Let us know in the comments below.